What are the packaging options for sauce bottles? Come and take a look

The body materials of the sauce bottle include HDPE, LDPE, PP, etc., which are high barrier food grade materials, heat-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. The colors of the bottle body and cap support customization, making them soft and compressible.


The Use of Food Packaging Bottles

Poultry canned food is made from poultry and livestock as raw materials, and is processed through production to solve problems such as unfreezing (frozen raw materials), cleaning, pre boiling, frying or non frying, slicing or non slicing, cooking or non cooking, etc. It is packaged in metal barrels, food packaging bottles, semi rigid containers or soft packaging materials, added or not added soup, sealed, sterilized, refrigerated, and meets commercial sterile standards.


How to judge the quality of a food plastic packaging bottle

As a manufacturer of food plastic packaging bottles, it can be responsibly said that judging the quality of plastic packaging for food plastic packaging bottles is related to the material, weight, process, and other factors of the plastic packaging bottle. When it comes to materials, the same material can also be classified as superior or inferior. Only superior materials can produce superior plastic packaging bottles. That is to say, if a bottle is made of the same material, such as pet, So the quality of pet plastic determines the quality of this bottle.


Many people still don't know the cold knowledge of plastic bottles!

Today, let's learn about a very common thing around us - mineral water bottles. What scientific knowledge can we know from mineral water bottles? For example, the space occupied by the water in a mineral water bottle is called the volume of water in the bottle.


What are the types of food grade plastic packaging for daily food safety

PET plastic is often used to manufacture products such as plastic bottles and beverage bottles. People often purchase plastic mineral water bottles and carbonated beverage bottles, which are PET packaging products and belong to food grade safety plastic materials.


Do you understand the principle of shape design for plastic beverage bottles?

Iced bottled drinks are a great way to relieve the heat in summer. These drinks are so popular on the market, partly because the drinks themselves taste sour, sweet, and refreshing, and partly because the packaging bottle is appropriate in size and convenient to carry. Most beverage packaging bottles are made of plastic material and have similar shapes. The shape design of plastic bottles is the result of considering their functions, economic benefits, aesthetic appearance, and other aspects.


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