SJ1005(V 622ml)



Key words:


product feature:

The use of special materials with high oxygen barrier can better protect the fragrance loss of the contents and prevent the penetration of external oxygen molecules, and the discoloration of the contents is almost no, effectively extending the retention period of food. Easy to carry, easy to tear film sealing, easy to open, no need for special tools, no metal wire or glass slag fall, can be sealed twice.

Product details

The high resistance oxygen container based on PP resin can be heated by microwave. It can meet the long-term sterilization needs of food products below 120℃. The product can be designed as an extrudable bottle for easy and rapid extrusion, such as tomato sauce. Products can be designed into any shape, the market difference is large, novel and beautiful. Light weight, light transport, not easy to break and other dangers, not easy to cause human harm.



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