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What is the research status of high temperature sterilization plastic bottles?

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  1.1 high temperature sterilization plastic bottle thermal sterilization technology

  High temperature sterilization plastic bottles use heating to kill harmful microorganisms in food, which is not only an ancient method, but also a very important modern sterilization technology. French Apel invented the method of bottling food in boiling water for a period of time, so as to preserve food for a long time.

  Food thermal sterilization can be divided into low-temperature sterilization (pasteurization), high-temperature short-time sterilization and high-temperature instantaneous sterilization. The first two methods have stable sterilization effect, less equipment investment and a long application history. Today, they are also widely used in the production of all kinds of canned food, medicine and dairy products. Because of its unique advantages, the latter method has developed into a high-tech food sterilization technology.

  1.2 high temperature sterilization plastic bottle high temperature instantaneous sterilization

  After the advent of high-temperature sterilization devices, many types of high-temperature sterilization devices appeared in the world. High temperature treatment can be divided into indirect heating and direct heating. Then hold for a few seconds to realize the immediate sterilization of the liquid.

  Moreover, the sterilization time is short and the damage to the nutritional components in the materials is more than, which is much better than the above two thermal sterilization methods. High temperature sterilization devices using food aseptic packaging technology have developed rapidly at home and abroad. At present, this sterilization technology has been widely used in the production of sterilized milk, fruit juice, various drinks, soybean milk, wine and other products.

  1.3 high temperature sterilization plastic bottle resistance heating sterilization technology

  Resistance heating sterilization, also known as ohmic sterilization, is a new thermal sterilization method. It uses electric current to generate heat inside food to achieve the purpose of sterilization. It is a new technology for continuous sterilization of low acid food and food containing particles (particle size less than 25mm).

  The frequency of AC used for resistance heating sterilization is 50 ~ 60Hz. It uses the electrode to introduce the current into the food, and uses the dielectric characteristics of the food to generate heat, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Applicability of resistance heating. Most of the dissolved salt ions that can be transported by pump can be sterilized by resistance heating, and the effect is very good.

  1.4 high temperature sterilization plastic bottle ozone sterilization technology

  Ozone is extremely unstable in water and always reacts with each other to form highly oxidizing. At the moment of its production, it reacts with lipoproteins in bacterial cell wall or phospholipids and proteins in cell membrane, destroys bacterial cell wall and cell membrane, increases the permeability of cell membrane, causes the outflow of substances in cells and inactivates bacteria. Ozone sterilization has been widely used in food processing, transportation and storage, tap water and purified water production.

  1.5 irradiation sterilization technology of high temperature sterilization plastic bottle

  Since the peaceful use of atomic energy, after years of research and development, people have successfully applied atomic radiation technology to food sterilization and preservation. Using X-ray γ X-ray or accelerated electron ray γ It is a cold sterilization method to kill microorganisms and insects in food. Irradiated food or organisms will form ions, excited molecules or molecular fragments, and then these products will affect each other.