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High barrier packaging for food escort

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  Food additives are edible substances added to food for the purpose of improving food quality, color, aroma, taste and shape, as well as preservation and preservation. Over the years, the vigorous development of China's additive industry has provided strong support for the prosperity of the food industry. However, there are some problems that can not be ignored in packaging. The more prominent is the food safety problems caused by the poor barrier, low strength and the migration and penetration of harmful substances.

  With regard to the packaging problem and development direction of food additives, food additives products, whether solid or liquid, have to contact the packaging. Most varieties of food additives are more sensitive than the middle video. They are in the situation of large packaging, large weight, long transportation distance, and the packaging interior only needs to be opened and used for many times, so they have higher requirements for packaging standards, In addition to avoiding secondary pollution caused by packaging, the quality requirements for oxygen, moisture, preservation, aroma preservation, quality assurance and impact resistance are higher than those of ordinary food.

  The national food safety law brings food packaging into the scope of legal supervision, which clearly stipulates that food packaging materials should be non-toxic and clean, and it is prohibited to produce and operate food contaminated by packaging materials, containers, means of transport, etc. At the same time, food enterprises should strengthen the safety control of their products.

  Domestic scientific and technological enterprises specializing in the production of high barrier packaging are familiar with new packaging materials. Multi layer co extrusion high barrier packaging is internationally recognized as green packaging. It does not use any adhesive. It is produced according to the demand of food and food additives for multi-layer structure packaging. Basic compounding is a green and environment-friendly production method of composite flexible packaging materials. It uses more than three extruders to melt and extrude resin raw materials with different functions, such as PE, PP and EVOH, and then merge in one die through their respective circulation, and then blow molding, cooling and compounding together. High barrier packaging has the characteristics of no pollution, high barrier, strong function, puncture resistance, low cost, high plot ratio, anti-corrosion and fresh-keeping, flexible structure and so on. It makes the production process of food packaging and packaging materials pollution-free. The vacuum degree of multi-layer co extrusion packaging can reach 100%, while the composite packaging using adhesive is generally 90%. Seven layer and nine layer coextrusion is composed of more than two layers of nylon materials, which greatly improves the tensile and tear strength of the package, is not easy to be damaged, is resistant to storage and transportation, is easy to keep, effectively avoids the oxidative deterioration of food additives, inhibits microbial reproduction and prolongs the shelf life of the product.