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Why is the price of PP bottles higher than ordinary ones

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  Bottles made of PP raw materials by blow molding are collectively called PP bottle packaging. PP bottle packaging has several characteristics and advantages. PP bottle has good high temperature resistance, can be heated properly, and is also suitable for hot filling. The second is the translucency of PP bottles, which is higher than that of PE bottles and lower than that of PET bottles, which is more in line with the needs of many manufacturers. The third is the edible of PP bottles, which meets the needs of food grade.

  Well, how much is the price of PP bottle packaging. First of all, the thicker the PP bottle is, the more materials are used, and the higher the price of PP bottle is. Secondly, the style of PP bottle packaging, the price of PP bottles of different styles is different. Finally, the general price of PP bottle customization is relatively high.

  Injection molding and blow molding refer to the difference of products. Injection molding is generally used to make thicker products, such as bottle caps. Blow molding uses gas, such as bottles. Injection molding products are thicker and have lower relative requirements. The reverse blowing is different. Because the products are thinner and more transparent, the slight shortcomings are obvious. Therefore, the requirements are high, and blow molding has some requirements for the toughness and tensile properties of raw materials. The requirements for injection molding are lower.