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One time blow molding technology

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  Blow molding is a molding method in which the preform for extrusion or injection molding is placed in the mold, compressed air is introduced into the preform to blow it, so that it is close to the mold cavity wall, and demoulded into the control product after cooling. This molding method can produce bottles, pots, barrels and other packaging containers, daily necessities and children's toys.

  Blow molding process is a molding method of hollow products obtained by placing the semi molten parison obtained by extrusion or injection molding in various shapes of molds, blowing it with compressed air into the bottle parison to make it close to the mold cavity wall, and then cooling and demoulding. The forming process includes the manufacture of plastic parison and the blow molding of parison.

  This molding method can produce bottles, pots, barrels and other packaging containers with different diameters and capacities, and realize various customizable high barrier PP blow molding bottles, PE blow molding bottles, high temperature resistant plastic bottles and food containers.

  The hollow blow molded high barrier plastic packaging container can use different materials such as PP, HDPE and LDPE to maintain the performance of the product.

  Xianglong /srlon mainly produces multi-layer high barrier plastic packaging, through multi-layer co extrusion technology, can make the product without adding any pigment, essence, preservative in the case of physical preservation. The sheet molecular structure of EVOH is applied in the barrier layer, which can effectively prevent the entry and exit of oxygen molecules, prevent the loss of water, protect the aroma from volatilization and prevent ultraviolet rays. At the same time, plastic bottles also have the characteristics of changeable shape, light weight, not easy to break, lighter carrying and use, and the materials can be recycled and degraded.