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Canned fruit and vegetable containers introduce some related contents of canned fruit and vegetable

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  Canned fruit and vegetable containers and introduce some related contents of canned fruit and vegetable.

  Canned fruits and vegetables are canned foods made from fruits, vegetables and tomatoes (except mushrooms) through processing, exhaust, sealing, heating, sterilization, cooling and other processes, including glass bottles, metal cans, flexible packaging, etc. According to different processing methods, canned fruit can be divided into canned sugar fruit, canned sugar fruit, canned jam fruit and canned fruit juice. The main representative products are candied oranges, candied pineapples and canned peaches.

  Canned fruits and vegetables are direct food. Canned fruit and vegetable containers remind us that consumers should pay attention to the following points when purchasing and eating:

  1. When buying canned fruits and vegetables, first observe whether the outer packaging is clean and tidy and whether the handwriting is clearly printed; Secondly, when looking at the food label, it is necessary to mark the factory name, address, ingredient list, net content, solid content, standard number, quality grade, date mark and other information.

  2. Canned fruit and vegetable containers for products packaged in glass bottles, you can observe whether the blocks of contents are complete, whether the soup is clear, and the color should be the inherent color of fruits and vegetables. When choosing products packaged in metal cans, do not buy products with rust caused by rust on the outer wall or cover of metal cans.

  3. Do not buy products with changed packaging shape. According to the canned fruit and vegetable container, when the canned fruit and vegetable are polluted by microorganisms and lose their edible value, the phenomenon of "fat listening" often occurs, that is, the volume of the outer package of the product becomes larger when the meat eye sees it. In the process of transportation, the products packed in metal cans are impacted by objects, which will often cause the outer wall to sink in, and the air is easy to enter, resulting in the deterioration of the things inside. The products found in the above circumstances cannot be eaten.

  4. When buying canned fruits and vegetables, distinguish between canned sugar water and canned syrup. The sugar concentration of canned sugar water is generally about 15%, which is more suitable for direct consumption. The sugar concentration of canned syrup is more than 65%, which is only suitable for food processing. Therefore, when buying, consumers should see the concentration of sugar water on the food label and distinguish it before buying.

  5. Consumers should try their best to buy products produced by regular enterprises or enterprises with a certain scale in the main production area in reputable shopping malls. When purchasing, carefully check the production date and shelf life, and carefully check the integrity of the outer packaging.

  6. The contents of water and sugar in canned fruits and vegetables are very high to avoid losing edible value. Consumers are advised to open canned fruits and vegetables and eat them as soon as possible.

  If you have any questions about canned fruits and vegetables, you can contact us. We can help you understand the relevant content. We are a manufacturer of canned fruit and vegetable containers. We have a full understanding of the knowledge and many years of manufacturing experience.