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What are the advantages of full-automatic filling machine and semi-automatic filling machine

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  With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life and level, people pay more and more attention to commodity safety and packaging. Chili sauce is a seasoning that we often see on the table and is loved by many people. Speaking of chili sauce, we will think that chili sauce is filled by automatic chili sauce filling machine and semi-automatic chili sauce filling machine. So, what are the advantages of these two filling machines?

  Introduction to automatic chili sauce filling machine: the filling machine is especially suitable for chili sauce with particles and high concentration in condiments. It can also fill other sauce products with the same concentration, such as viscous sauce of bean paste, peanut butter, sesame paste, jam, butter hot pot bottom, red oil hot pot bottom and so on. It is suitable for filling materials with obvious oil separation and uneven particles. It is an ideal equipment for sub packaging of sauce.



  Advantages of automatic chili sauce filling machine: 1. Fast cleaning, easy adjustment, stepless speed regulation of volume cylinder block action, suitable for filling of different specifications and materials. After the filling amount is adjusted at one time, each volume cylinder can be adjusted slightly, with high filling accuracy and good consistency. The materials contacting materials are 316 stainless steel, silicone rubber and comply with QS specifications. 2. Imported speed reducing motor stepless speed control filling plunger cylinder is not only suitable for all kinds of pastes, but also suitable for sauces. 3. The imported electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake cooperate to eliminate inertia and have high filling precision. 4. The man-machine interface communicates with PLC. Debugging equipment or changing varieties only need to be set on the screen. Bottle feeding, positioning, filling and filling and bottle discharging are all operated automatically. 5. When the bottle is not in place during filling, the bottle is blocked and the live liquid outlet pipe is not inserted into the bottle, the equipment will be automatically protected and continue to operate after elimination.



  Introduction to semi-automatic chili sauce filling machine: this sauce filling machine is suitable for filling all kinds of viscous bodies and hot pot bottom materials containing various solid substances such as pepper, peanut, meat and seasoning, which are separated from oil and materials, into various containers. It is suitable for filling chili sauce, granular sauce, large meat sauce, hot pot bottom materials, etc.