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Aseptic filling process

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  Clean filling is a kind of technology that, based on the principle of microbial fence technology and HACCP quality control theory, uses clean filling equipment to fill sterilized and qualified materials into clean packaging materials in a clean filling environment without adding anti-corrosion agent and sealing, so as to prolong the shelf life of products.

  With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the health requirements of various beverages (water, fruit juice, tea, beer, dairy, etc.) are higher and higher. Therefore, the application of clean and ultra clean filling technology in beverage project equipment engineering is becoming more and more common. In order to achieve the purpose of clean and economic production and meet the continuous growth of customers' demand for health. It has become a common concern of beverage packaging factories and beverage equipment factories to deliver equipment and processes with appropriate performance and price to customers and produce satisfactory products.

  Process requirements for supporting equipment of clean and ultra clean beverage engineering the most remarkable feature of clean and ultra clean aseptic filling process is that the beverage filled by the selected equipment has the original juice and flavor, which is in line with the health attributes of the beverage.

  It has certain technical specifications and requirements for the operation of equipment, the process value and performance of machines, the cleanliness, sanitation and sterility of raw materials, the HACCP management of clean sterilization personnel in many environments of space and ground, the seamless and hygienic connection of beverage supporting equipment, the stable and reliable operation performance of filling production line, convenient and thorough cleaning, and health and safety.

  Process flow: raw water → water treatment → deionization → boiling → cooling → beverage slurry (60 ~ 80 ℃, 2 ~ 4min) - filtering (200 mesh filter cloth) → blending (adding various additives and vitamin C) → ultra high temperature instantaneous sterilization (uht137 ℃, 5, 10, 15s) → cooling → degassing → aseptic filling (normal temperature, medium temperature) → capping → lamp inspection → labeling → film shrinking → code spraying → empty finished bottle → soaking or spray sterilization → sterile water washing or on-line bottle blowing (bottle Management) → spray sterilization → sterile water washing bottle cap → soaking or spray sterilization → sterile water washing → sterile air drying.