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What is the "plastic restriction order"? Let's have a look!

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  Many citizens may be confused. "Can't plastic products be used in the future?" "will the new plastic restriction order affect normal life?" "what will be used to pack things after the plastic restriction order?" "which plastic products can't be used after the plastic restriction?".

  After the implementation of the "plastic ban order", it is prohibited to produce and sell non degradable plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm, agricultural land film with a thickness of less than 0.01 mm, disposable foam tableware, plastic cotton swabs and cosmetics containing plastic beads.

  The state has explicitly prohibited the production and sales of the above five products, and these products are not allowed to reappear on the market. In shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmacies and catering industries, the state has required that non degradable plastic shopping bags should not be used, and degradable plastic shopping bags must be used.

  At the same time, we are encouraged to bring their own shopping bags or buy degradable plastic shopping bags, and use or not use disposable plastic bags and plastic tableware as little as possible.

  Then, some other plastic boxes, plastic bottles, washbasins and other plastic products are relatively low-carbon and environmentally friendly compared with other high-energy glass and metal products, with higher recyclability and lower carbon.




  "White pollution" has been very serious, affecting our natural environment. "Plastic restriction" may cause people's discomfort for a short time, but it will not affect our normal life. For the sake of the ecological environment, refuse "white pollution" and protect the environment from you and me.


  Xianglong specializes in R & D, production and sales of high barrier plastic packaging containers, supporting molds and professional production equipment. The containers are mainly PP / EVOH and PE / EVOH, which can make the food stored for a long time without adding pigments and preservatives, making the food safer and healthier. It provides solutions for consumers, retailers and food manufacturers seeking fresher, more convenient food packaging with minimal impact on the environment.



  In the future, Xianglong will "take the bio based lignocellulose fully degradable material as the research object, and cooperate deeply with the R & D departments of Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Ltd. to develop the bio based fully degradable high barrier container packaging with independent property rights. The product has entered the pilot stage." Dr. Xue Lixin, chief scientist of Xianglong food, introduced that it will be used for shipping Cruise ships, fishing boats and other marine activities provide green living packaging, provide a full set of hydrolyzable containers in the marine environment for daily chemical products and food, and realize full degradation in the marine environment, so as to alleviate and prevent the problems of marine garbage and micro plastics.

  Srlon / Xianglong caters to public needs, actively responds to national environmental protection policies and creates a green and healthy consumption environment.